What we do

We have a small and capable team - our skills range from IT Consultancy, Infrastructure Engineering and Cyber Security, to Broadcast and RF, including LoRaWAN, IoT, FM & DAB transmission, and WiFi

We love to work with you

Our favourite word is "Yes" - we believe in the art of the possible, and this is why our clients keep bringing us their questions time after time - they know we have the skills to help

Right, first time, with authority

We believe in getting it right first time, but we also believe in failing fast. Our labs are well equipped for rapid test and development, so you can be sure your tech will be right, first time. Just ask our corporate clients - RBS, TalkSport, UTV, ITV, Worldpay and many others. We are the ultimate technical authority on all projects we take on, throughout IT, Comms, Broadcast and RF.

Need a hand?

Whether you need a hand with your day to day business tech, or you require secuity incident response, our team are available on a retainer, or one-off basis to help, and never more than just a call or email away.

We are connected

The majority of our team have, at some stage, built major parts of "the internet" - including ISPs, Wireless ISP networks - and thats not our only talent. We have accomplished broadcast and RF engineers. Our new LoRaWAN platform provides flexible, "enterprise grade", IoT connectivity, across the UK.

Digital Engineering Solutions for Infrastructure

Our engineering skills span IT and Network infrastructure, including RF links, reverse engineering of electronics and software, social and penetration engineering, as well as the testing of security of your digital communications in transit.

We provide infrastructure engineering, migration & technical M&A expertise to the large-consultancy market & direct to client.

We like coffee

All good techies do, right? Why not let us buy you coffee and talk through how we can help?


Our askLoRa platform provides a complete end-to-end IoT solution for smart cities, councils, and any other industry needing a wide area sensor network. Our agNetIQ network is built on this platform to provide single-pane access to essential AgriBusiness data, in real-time, at a click

Home and Mobile Working

Whether what you need is self-hosted, or outsourced home or remote working platforms, we can help, quickly and simply.

Media Production

We can handle live TV, streaming, radio, Podcast & other media production requirements too - just ask!

Broadcast Transmission & Engineering

We are experienced engineers, everything from content creation to transmission we can help. We're also OfCom 'approved' for the installation, commissioning & maintenance of FM transmission systems. We can also help with SSDAB

OfCom EMF & ICNIRP Compliance

We are able to help. you respond to & comply with OfCom's new EMF rules, and ICNIRP exposure guidelines - in the vast majority of simple cases, this is a simple process attracting a one off small fee

Rooftop, Tower & Radio Site management

We provide a turn-key property management service for both existing and new sites, an we help our clients to realise the value of their rooftop, tower & other exploitable RF assets, whilst making it simple to do so. Often this requires no effort on the part of the site owner.

Digital Forensics

We operate a highly experienced digital forensics practice. We offer both mobile & lab based digital forensics acquisition & analysis from almost any device - PCs, mobiles, SIM Cards, Cameras, Drones & more. Our tools include UFED & Axiom.

Solar PV - On & Off-grid

We have made a name for ourselves fixing poorly installed off-grid Solar PV systems & we can offer consultancy, project management & installation of both on & off-grid systems

Proxy Project

Proxy Project

Project Manager

"Thank You! Our internal team have been telling me that our exisitng proxies are fine - until now. You have blown them out of the water with your new builds and remove the last blocker for our migration project"

SIEM Project

SIEM Project

Project Lead

"Simply wow - fun to work with, got the job done in record time and built our new Splunk platform to the spec of our high security clients with minimal resources from our side - VERY happy."

Splunk Project

Splunk Project

Project Lead

"The input of the team was essential in developing our new Splunk platform to a usable state. We now have single pane security monitoring across the critical estate thanks to you."

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

Production Manager

"The pictures looked great on air, and the hits across GMB and This Morning were brilliant. Thank you!"

Miss World

Miss World


"Thank you for everything that you're doing for us, it looks wonderful"

World Service (Radio) Production

World Service (Radio) Production

Head of English Services

"Top notch produciton, quick turnaround and ultimately one of the most flexible, capable, production companies we've worked with in a long time"

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